Benchmark For Beauty And Comfort

We have received many questions about the origin and design of the jeans that we import and sell here at Bella Latina Jeans. We are currently carrying 150 different styles from the top 5 Colombian butt lift  jean manufacturers. Our jeans are 100% designed and manufactured in Colombia by local artisans, as are all butt lift jeans sold in Canada. Butt lift jeans have been a popular style in Latin America for many years. Over that time the design and styles have evolved to become a world renowned benchmark for beauty and comfort.

“Colombia’s clothing and textile industry is one of the largest and most experienced in Latin America, especially with the application of technology in production processes. The country is the third largest producer of intimate apparel and manufactures the world’s leading brand names in sportswear and jeans. The production plants and wash processes include the highest quality equipment, and its garments are known across the globe.”

~OSEC, Business Network Switzerland

Mission Statement

We here at Bella Latina Jeans are committed to carry the highest quality product available. Going forward we will try new manufacturers looking for new innovative styles combined with a quality product. From high, medium and low waist, from skinny, straight and flare leg styles, I’m sure we can find a jean that will look great on you.

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