Sizing Information

All “Butt Lift Jeans” are designed to fit a little snug. Of course it is personal preference how snug a fit you choose. We ask that you consult the measurements given on the product page and compare to your measurements to ensure that you receive the size and fit that gives you the look and feel you will love.

Product page size charts are in USA/Canadian sizes, measurements are inches

Sizing Zones


The image to your left shows the proper measurement locations.

  • Waist– Across waist

  • Hip– Across hip area, between the bottom of the zipper and the crotch

  • Leg– Across the thigh, close to the crotch

  • Inseam– From the crotch to the bottom of the leg

  • Rise From the bottom of the crotch to the top of the jean.

All measurements are taken with the material in the relaxed position. Take into consideration how snug a fit you want when comparing your measurements to the ones given. Keeping in mind also that the more fabric being measured, the more stretch available. For example, leg vs hip and size 4 compared to size 14.

We have taken great care to give you the best information we can so you can choose your selection with confidence. All jeans contain between 1 to 2% spandex which gives these jeans the support, look and feel you’ll love!!

Measurements for Jeans, Capris and shorts

For hips, use largest measurement from that area. For leg, measure around leg at crotch area. For waist, take into consideration high, medium or low waist jean when measuring. Inseam length is also given on product page. The method we use for measuring each jean size, is as follows. With the jean flat on a table, we measure across the waist, hip and leg at crotch area. We then double those measurements to give the respective body measurements.

Colombian jean manufacturers build the jeans by the size. Unfortunately they do not give the choice of different inseam lengths. Not sure the reason for that, maybe all Colombian women have the same inseam, but we are in negotiations with our manufacturers to be able to order jeans with different inseam lengths. We’ll be sure to let you know as soon as different inseam lengths become available. You patience is appreciated.


Sizing measurements are from Devanshi, the shapewear manufacturer. Colombian garments, in general, are sized a little smaller than North American sizes. Please consult this size chart when ordering shapewear.

M 28.5 TO 30.5 39.5 TO 41.5
L 30.5 TO 32.5 41.5 TO 43.5
XL 33 TO 35 44 TO 46”
XXL 35.5 TO 37.5 46.5
TO 48.5


Measurements are from Kelinda, the swimsuit manufacturer. We hope this is helpful when choosing your size. Suits are top quality construction and material and will give you many years of use.

Feel free to contact us.

1 M 37-39 Inch 30-32 Inch 39-41 Inch
2 L 39-41 Inch 32-34 Inch 41-43 Inch
3 XL 41-43 inch 34-35 inch 43-45 inch
4 XXL 43-45 inch 35-37 inch 45-47 inch
5 XXL 45-47 inch 97-39 inch 47-49 inch
6 4XL 53-56 inch 43-46 inch 57-61 inch
7 5XL 56-60 inch 46-49 inch 61-65 inch