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Culture Shift

How did our perfect fit apparel come about? Nelly Lee and her daughter Barbara originally hail from Venezuela. Upon arriving to their new home in Stony Plain in 2006, they found that there were many changes from there old home — changes that go beyond the drastic difference in weather.

Since fashion was an interest to both Nelly and Barbara, Canadian style was something they instantly took note of. They had a hard time finding women’s designer jeans like the styles from home — Butt lift Jeans. Perfect fit apparel that makes you feel amazing the whole time you are wearing it! These jeans provided some stretch and some additional support in the rear. Both had been wearing these jeans for years, and weren’t about to give them up now.

Booty Calls

Nelly and Barbara would make many trips back to their homeland, and each time would bring back some of their favourite jeans. Before long, friends started to ask for some pairs to be brought back for them as well. As these numbers grew, it was obvious that there was a large market for these styles in Canada. This is how Bella Latina was born. Now, they are the Edmonton area’s #1 source for South American fashions and perfect fit denim.

Butt Lift Jeans?

South American jean manufacturers have been making butt lift jeans for many years. Some people say the style originated in Brazil, some say Colombia, depends who you ask. The jean is designed by the cut and composition of the material to gently lift and support the booty. The composition of the material ranges from 1 to 3% spandex material. 1 and 2% giving a firmer support, while 3% giving a more elastic feel similar to leggings. Both give a body hugging feel of comfortable flexibility and freedom of movement while offering support for the booty! Giving you the look and feel only a stretch jean can.


Perfect Fit Apparel

First time buyer reactions range from “wow” to “they feel so nice”. Bella Latina now carry on location over 150 different styles of specialty jeans from the top 5  Colombian jean manufacturers. Styles range from high, medium and low waist, skinny, straight and flare leg. We also carry shorts, capri’s, tops and High quality swimsuits by Kelinda.

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